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EasyPass – Your solution to preparing for your Barber or Beauty State Board Written Exam

For barber and beauty students in California:

Senate Bill (SB) 803 was signed by the Governor on October 7, 2021. This bill changed various aspects of the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology and went into effect on January 1, 2022. The biggest impact for students is the “practical” exam license requirement in California has been removed.  The second biggest impact is that there will be a new license option for haircutting only which requires only 600 class hours.  When this becomes active, we will have a course for it.  It is expected to be implemented sometime in 2023.

There has been a written exam change  as of July1, 2022.  The biggest impact is on Barbers with the number of weighted questions increasing from 50 to 85, on Estheticians dropping from 100 to 75 weighted, and on Manicurists dropping from 100 to 60 weighted.  There was no change in the number of weighted questions for Cosmetologists.  The number has remained at 100.

Rest assured, the EasyPass Team will be working to stay on top of all changes.  Our instructors are monitoring any changes to the written exams and we will update each course accordingly. All customers with an active written course will be updated at no extra charge.  

Visit the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology website for the latest updates.

Attempting to get your Barber. Cosmetology, Esthetician, or Manicure License?  Feel like you need additional tools and resources to help you better prepare for your State Board Exam?  You are not alone!

While preparing for their State Board Written Exam, many students need help to give them an added edge to pass. For example, in California from July 1, 2022 through September 30, 2022, the exam results were:

TestStudentsPass% PassFail% FailFailure Rate
Barber 766 23731% 52969%Roughly, 2 out of 3 Failed
Cosmetology1,707 86551% 84249%Roughly, 1 out of 2 Failed
Esthetician2,377 1,55766% 82034%Roughly, 1 out of 3 Failed
Manicure1,216 64653% 57047%Roughly, 1 out of 2 Failed


Our EasyPass online courses and PC software programs can serve as your solutions in better preparing for your State Board Written Exam! 

The sooner you start to prepare for your State Board Exam, the better!  The big mistake most students make is they start to prepare days before their written exam instead of weeks or months.

EasyPass for the State Board Written comes in two formats: Online and PC Software

Online – This is for those who want to use a device such as a computer or smartphone over the Internet.  Nothing to download , nothing to install.  Immediately you have access to your courses when purchased.  Just log into your account, go to the My Account area, and you are good to go!  Any updates on our end are immediately reflected in your courses.  You can rest assured knowing you always have the latest and greatest content from us.

PC Software – This is for those who want a program they can download and install on their computer (This software does not run on Mac or Chromebook).  Once installed on a computer running Windows, the product needs to be activated online.  This is a great solution for schools that would like to set up training computers for their students on campus or for those with slow or inconsistent Internet service.

State Board Written
Online Courses Versus PC Software Comparison Table



PC Software

Online Access (No Installation Required)



PC Based (Windows Only) – Download And Installation Required



Works With Multiple Platforms (Windows, MAC, Chromebook, Android, iPhone, etc.)



Multiple Device Access



Free And Regular Updates



Two Year License



Non-Expiry License



*EasyPass Online Is The Recommended Option

EasyPass Online Courses For The State Board Written Exam

Our interactive online courses for the State Board Written Exam (Barber, Cosmetologist, Esthetician, and Manicure) are knowledge building lessons designed to help you pass the Written State Board Exam. They are a series of questions you answer to build your test taking skills.  The questions are broken up into key topics, simulated tests, and interactive activities.  A strong emphasis is placed on the sciences – the areas most students struggle with and get wrong on the written exam.

EasyPass Online Courses  can be accessed via a computer, smartphone, or any other device with Internet access.  We do recommend you do the simulated tests on a computer since you will be using a computer at State Board.

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Esthetician State Board Written Exam

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Manicure State Board Written Exam

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CDP Computer Tutorials – Your solution to improving your computer skills

Having great computer skills in today’s high-tech world is more important than ever.  The COVID-19 worldwide lockdown significantly changed our culture forever and showed the importance of computer technology and the need to have strong computer skills.  Whether it’s to stay competitive in the job market or school, work on your resume and portfolio, build your own business, or for personal growth, developing the right computer skills is essential.

Coronel Data Processing (CDP) has been in the computer consulting and training game since the early 1990s.  Over the decades, we have developed programs to build and enhance your computer skills based off the many thousands we have successfully trained.  Our award-winning programs will have end users on the road to computer growth in no time!

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PowerPoint Tutorial Software 2016, 2019, 365

EasyPass PowerPoint

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EasyPass Outlook

Learn the essentials in creating and working with email, calendar, contacts, and tasks.

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CDP Computer Education Courses/Programs

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